printcmr-version-15-6v1-basic-PrintCMR version 15.6v1 was released on 28-09-2017.

Renewals relate to:

Digital CMR TransFollow added with the latest features:
- CMR signature by PrintCMR!
- Belgian CMR provided with TransFollow
- License registration
- TimeWindow for opening hours
- Add digital attachments, additional features
- Duplicate CMR documents extensively
- Maintain Main Information Packaging comprehensive
- Specify allowed signatures

printcmr-version-15-5v1-basic-PrintCMR 15.5v1 version was released on 12-06-2017.

Innovations include:

More languages
- e-CMR TransFollow added as a complete toolset
- Advanced Country settings

Wizard Logistics
- New functions added

printcmr-version-14-1v7-basic-PrintCMR 14.1v7 version was released on 21-10-2016.

Innovations include:

Several language improvements
CMR forms now on plain paper (BE, DE, NL)
Blank CMR forms contains a main language + 2nd language ​​(EN, FR., EN, DE)
Various handy tricks built in.

printcmr-version-14-1v5-basic-PrintCMR version 14.1v5 was released on 09/05/2016

New features:

Italian language available
German CMR on blank paper with more languages
Various linguistic adaptations receivers for German language
Fixed bug in license processing

printcmr-version-14-1v4-basic-PrintCMR version 14.1v4 was released on 22/02/2016

New features:

Module Archive:
Inserting (PDF) documents into Photo Report (also E-Mails)

iPhone and iPad:
Connection with Scanner Apps

Improvement on several issues by making new records