printcmr-version-16-6v9PrintCMR version 16.6v9 was released on 29-03-2021

Innovations relate to:

- Romanian language added

printcmr-version-16-6v8PrintCMR version 16.6v8 was released on 5-3-2021

Innovations relate to:

- New! After-Print
Add a box with information to an existing form afterwards!

printcmr-version-16-6v7PrintCMR version 16.6v7 was released on 22-2-2021

Innovations relate to:
- New! Courier service Waybill
- CMR Successive Carrier
- ADR IMO and MMDG, 3rd page added
- iPhone usage improves

printcmr-version-16-6v6PrintCMR version 16.6v6 was released on 7-2-2021

Innovations relate to:

- Model document adapted in all freight documents
- Veterinary Journal Log minor improvement

printcmr-version-16-6v5PrintCMR version 16.6v5 was released on 1-2-2021.

Innovations relate to:

- Veterinary Journal Log extension APHA layout for Great Britain after Brexit
- Veterinary Journal Log improvement several languages