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vrachtbrief-cmrPrintCMR is named after one of the most commonly used shipping documents: the CMR.

The CMR can be used according to the layouts used by Beurtvaartadres and CMR Concurrent.
The Belgian version of the CMR is also offered.
The Dutch and Belgian versions for dot matrix printers and laser printers can be ordered from CMR Concurrent (the laser printer version is also suitable for inkjet printers).

All data input screens are suitable for use on Windows/Mac computers. The program has been specially optimised for iOS devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad). You can use Airprint to print via your iOS devices.

transfollow-e-cmr-consignment-With the TransFollow license you can exchange every CMR consignment note with the TransFollow platform.

With PrintCMR, the filling in is done through the well-known "red CMR", so you quickly understands how TransFollow works.
As soon as you log into TransFollow via PrintCMR, all your consignment notes that are stored in TransFollow are available to you.
If required, the TransFollow consignment note can be printed on preprinted CMR forms. This facilitates the introduction in the digital e-CMR.

adr-imo-dangerous-goods-declarThe Dangerous Goods Declaration has the following features in the program, making it easy to fill in an ADR form.

The ADR letter can be used according to the layout of Beurtvaartadres and CMR Concurrent. The variant for Shipping has been included since PrintCMR version 15.6v5. The variant for air freight is still under development.
In addition to the standard form, the Appendix is also included. With this, a large number of extra articles can be described, which is printed separately.

vrachtbrief-avcPrintCMR offers the following characteristics, which allow you to easily fill out an AVC consignment note.

The AVC can be used in accordance with the Beurtvaartadres and CMR Concurrent layout.
The AVC for dot matrix printers and laser printers can be ordered from CMR Concurrent (the laser printer version is also suitable for inkjet printers).
Note: The program only supports the A4 size AVC.

courier-service-waybillThis document is designed for domestic courier services.

Easy to fill in, extra fields for rates and conditions.
Plenty of space for your own logo and address details.
General Terms and Conditions can be adjusted in any language so that this document legally matches your own situation.

weegbrief-of-weegbonPrintCMR offers the following characteristics, which allow you to easily fill out a Weight Report.

The Weight Report is based on the use of plain A4 paper. You can add logos, images and data input boxes yourself and print them on the Weight Report.

veterinary-journey-logWithin the EU, this is a mandatory document for the transport of live animals, if the journey takes longer than 8 hours.

In the Netherlands, this document is provided by the NVWA.
Special for UK, the APHA document (feb. 2021) is available!

The handy Section1 and 2 printout, including layout, is especially available for travel requests. You can easily turn this into a PDF.
Section2 is special. This is attached to Section1 by default. Many printers do not support a double long form and must be cut loose.
For the stable printout Section2 can be printed upside down, so that the input boxes always fit properly.

document-declaratieThe Expense Claim has been created especially for employees.
You can create an expense claim whenever you want by using your iPhone (or iPad) to photograph your receipt and add information.
Next, you can keep a record of what you have submitted to your employer, together with the payment status.
And if you lose a receipt, you still have a copy in PrintCMR!

wizard-logisticsThe Wizard in PrintCMR is designed to allow the creation of custom documents.
You can create a "form" yourself using basic components.
Because each of the components includes a procedure step, you can even build your own logistics procedures.

The section below summarises the possibilities offered by the Logistics Wizard.

factureringProcessing a CMR is in fact the same as (subsequently) creating a sales invoice for businesses in the road transport sector.

The Invoicing module has been developed based on this concept. As PrintCMR is developed further, it will soon be possible to generate the sales invoice automatically at the time when a CMR is created. So you will never forget to invoice again! The iPhone version of the invoice is still under development.

bijlage-7---annex-viiAnnex 7 complies with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1013/2006.

Annex 7 can be printed on standard plain paper. The document can be printed in Dutch, German, French and English.
All the fields in Annex 7 are free-form (text) entry fields.

handelsdocument-commercial-docThe Commercial Document complies with the design required by Regulation (EC) 1069/2009.

The Commercial Document can be printed on standard plain paper.
The second page is automatically included in the report. The document can be used in Dutch and English.
All the fields in the Commercial Document are free-form (text) entry fields.

after-printAfter-Print was conceived to add a box with information on a freight document afterwards.
The idea came from the weighing note. The driver already has a consignment note with him and only the weighing information has to be put on it.
But of course in the right place!
In addition to the weighing note, we have also included the packaging.
And of course a text box, supplemented with a photo or drawing.
In this drawing we have added the QR code and a long list of BAR code variants.

certificate-of-originThe Certificate of Origin (Certificaat van Oorsprong) complies with the design authorised by Beurtvaartadres/the Chamber of Commerce.

The Certificate can be used on preprinted documents supplied by Beurtvaartadres or CMR Concurrent. Pages 1 to 3 inclusive can be used.
All of the fields available on the Certificate are form-free (text) entry fields.