printcmr-version-16-5v5PrintCMR version 16.5v5 was released on 09-04-2020.

Innovations concern:

- Articles can be searched quickly by Address / Relation

printcmr-version-16-5v4PrintCMR version 16.5v4 was released on 31-03-2020.

Innovations relate to:
- Improvements Dutch "Begeleidingsbrief", look up Waste-stream number
- Screens with Relationships and Addresses, searches easier
- Wizard Logistics: extra import built for reading address data

printcmr-version-16-5v3PrintCMR version 16.5v3 was released on 03-03-2020.

Innovations relate to:

- User-friendly import of Relations and Addresses from Excel

printcmr-version-16-5v2PrintCMR version 16.5v2 was released on 25-02-2020.

Innovations relate to:

- Adjustment for use under iOS
- Commercial document: Approval number increased
- Improvements in Wizards
- Link made between Weegbon and the other forms
- Print weighing ticket choice price
- NEW: Waybill and Bill of Lading

printcmr-version-16-5v1PrintCMR version 16.5v1 was released on 31-12-2019.

Innovations relate to:

- Adjustment for use under iOS
The Apple App Store is no longer used.

- Calculator added on a number of screens