printcmr-voor-er-bij-erg-eenvoLike Cola Light, which offers the great taste of Cola without the sugar, PrintCMR is available without installation problems!

If you are interested in PrintCMR, the underlying ICT technology will definitely not cause any hiccups.

de-iphone-of-ipad-als-kopieeraThe iPhone and the iPad have proven themselves to be fully featured computers. One useful application is that they can be used as a photocopier.
The simplicity with which this App allows you to make perfect copies of your paper documents will amaze you.

aanschaf-printcmr-zo-werkt-datYou want to start using PrintCMR. This section explains installation, the trial period and final purchase.

toetsenbord-voor-iphone-of-ipaiPhones and iPads are useful devices.

What originally started out as a telephone is now a fully featured computer.

But do you require even more convenience?

Our tip: A keyboard!

de-update-procedure-zo-gaat-daThe following tips explain how the update procedure works.

PrintCMR uses the FileMaker product set.
So some aspects of the update procedure are slightly unusual.

You can print boxes or logos in the spaces on the form. The figure opposite is an example.

A consignment note should be an invitation to record information which is necessary for correct administrative processing.

Data input boxes clearly indicate which information is required.
Such as the temperature of the load.

Your printed information does not fit well on the form.

PrintCMR allows you to adjust the position of the printed information by a few millimetres to ensure that it fits exactly between the lines.

Once you have set the margins correctly, you no longer have to make allowances for print positioning when entering the information. What you see on the screen is what you get on paper.

printcmr-op-een-netwerkPrintCMR can be used in various ways in a network. We explain how here. (Note: Windows systems)

inbouwen-bekijk-de-site-van-brSwedish company Brodit specialises in mounting systems for mobile telephones and tablets.

They offer easy-fit clips for various brands of vehicle. You can search for the clips based on the vehicle brand, type and year of construction.
In addition to the clips, holders are required to attach the device to the clip.
The total combination makes for a neat installation in the cab.

Any printer can be used in combination with PrintCMR.
Once operating on the computer, PrintCMR will complete its tasks.

For non-intensive use in the black and white segment, there is one printer that stands head and shoulders above its competitors.
An all-rounder, extremely compact, very fast and also suitable for iOS systems.

This is the HP Laserjet P1102w.

tips-over-de-cmr-uit-nederlandThe CMR is a commonly used consignment note document.

The CMRs used in Belgium and Germany both differ from the Dutch version. PrintCMR includes these layouts so that these models can be used without errors.
In addition, PrintCMR is currently available in English, German and French.